Lenovo Yoga: The Pocket-Sized Netbook


Is this the netbook that will give the Sony VAIO P a pretty tough fight for the consumer dollar? We won’t know until Lenovo releases this netbook. The Lenovo Pocket Yoga has just shown its face but has yet to reveal its cards. Yes, it doesn’t have specifications yet but its size and shape would likely dictate an Intel Atom processor or smaller chip. What we’re aware of for now is that, it is a computer that could be placed inside your pocket.


According to Johnson Li, the Director of Lenovo’s Beijing Innovation Center, the Pocket Yoga is a netbook that users would conventionally bring with them. With the Lenovo Pocket Yoga, you can do certain tasks while travelling or while you’re out of the office — like check email, create/edit/send documents, take down notes, and surf the web. Covered in leather, this portable device has touchscreen support via stylus and inherits the 360-degree soft hinge design from the Yoga notebook. The soft hinge carries multiple usage methods – from a tabletop or lap typing position or when fully rotated – a pad style form factor more suited to standing or walking use.

The Pocket Yoga also comes with an elegant belt that wraps around its body. But mind you, the belt is not just a simple decoration because when it is removed, it becomes a mouse. Amazing, isn’t it? Though it is still considered as an experiment or concept system and no specs available for it as of now, it won’t be surprising if they release this very handy Yoga notebook in the coming months.

For now, you can get some Lenovo love here.

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