Lenovo W700 w/ Extended Screen


This is not this first and we are not the first who covered the Lenovo ThinkPad W700, but I’ve just discovered that Lenovo is preparaing to improve this model with the W700ds, which has one of the coolest and amazing features of any of its kind, a slide out screen as an additional!

The LCD screen is a 10.2 inch LED display that you can drag out from the side, and has the alternative of slanting it forward or backward on a turning point. You can’t help other than find irresistible a characteristic like this, as a laptop will comprise an additional LCD screen for word processing, text messaging, or no matter what you didn’t have enough space to perform on your notebook screen before.

Additional characteristic on the Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds comprise the Intel Core 2 Extreme or Core 2 Quad, 8 GB of RAM, 980 GB of storage memory, and the NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M. At utmost brilliance on the screens, the battery life is not long enough at about 2 hours.

Find out the model before this. You might bid it.

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