LEGO MP3 Player

Playing LEGO when we were kids sure was fun and until now kids of all generations enjoy the differently colored bricks we love. While it is a fact that we age (even though we still play like kids with a light saber that sounds like real thing when waved) it is still fun to still use what we had when we were kids. Though we won’t play with the bricks anymore and love the beats of music, we can still enjoy both our childhood and being adult with the LEGO MP3

This MP3 player also plays WMA files when you happen to have unconverted ones. It has an LCD screen that shows the current status such as battery, playing time, artist, song, etc. You can also enjoy music for up to 8 hours with the built-in battery that is recharged through a USB connection either direct to the wall or through a computer. Copying files is a breeze since no special software is needed for music transfer, you just drag and drop to the player’s internal 2GB flash memory which could approximately hold up to 1,000 songs.

You might not exactly ditch your iPod for this one, but for kids, this could be a good start to develop their listening abilities. You can load it up with Mozart, Bach, and other classical music to possibly enhance their mental capacity and with the brightly colored familiar design, your kids will surely enjoy having this on their side.

Get one for your kid (or even for yourself) here.

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