Learn Geography with Interactive Smart Globe

Numerous studies have shown that learning in the early stages of childhood tends to develop the brain of the child making him more intelligent in different sorts of ways. We have seen games that are based on consoles or other plushy dinosaurs but learning geography by the globe isn’t much heard of until now.3d-interactive-smart-globe_main

This interactive globe looks like your ordinary globe but it comes with a touch pen to pin point countries that you want to learn. Let’s say you want to learn the national anthem of Argentina. You just have to point at Argentina and then press the national anthem and you’re set to learn it. This interactive globe can also speak different languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, German and others.

You can also hear about the latest news in different countries just by pointing at them so you know how is Germany doing while you are bored. Every time the globe is connected to the internet through a computer via the USB port, news is updated as well as if changes have been made like when in case a new country has been found. Games can be fun once you have learned the basics of geography so you can test your knowledge. You won’t be bored with 30 games built in that can accommodate up to 4 players.

Learning geography will always be fun with the 3D Interactive Smart Globe. Get yours here.

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