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During 2007, the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) laptop could be the most techie gadget that a kid can have. It was designed to educate children through its innovative operating system by teaching them different things such as music, math etc. Now we have what seems to be a ‘smartphone”.

LeapFrog isn’t new in the interactive teaching tools for children industry. They already have a wide array of learning toys and educational devices to empower children – it is like training kids to be techie early on. The Text and Learn device has calendar, phonics, spelling, and computer skills to name a few. It also comes with Scout, the on screen guide for kids where they can text.

It really seems that this device is the BlackBerry for kids with its functions. But just to be clear, this LeapFrog Text and Learn device is not a real phone. It is still some compact version of modern educational toys.

Makes me think though that the design of this device is for  a marketing scheme so that parents have to buy holsters, screen protectors or silicone jackets whenever their children have tantrums. Whatever it is, nothing is for sure since the device itself isn’t out yet in the market.

Since that BlackBerry for tots is not out yet, you can get your little ones started on geekdom by getting some other educational toys available at Amazon

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