Lav Nav – Lavatory Navigator Loo Light

lav-nav-11Never argue over the toilet seat again! There is no hidden magic but the idea is to cut down those frequent late-night toilet visits leading to unreasonable arguments in the morning. Thanks to some particularly inspired gadgeteering, a solution is at hand, and it’s a  clever one at that – the Lav Nav. Lav Nav provides smart, energy efficient lighting for those sleepy late night excursions to the bathroom. Yes, this is perfect for those nights where you are staggering and trying to find the pee-hole.

Think of it as a little landing strip for your toilet. When attached to the underside of your toilet lid, proximity sensors on this revolutionary device instruct a set of tiny LEDs to glow whenever they see a body approaching. In other words, with the Lav Nav fitted, you no longer need to turn that startling light, because the Lav Nav will illuminate the loo and its surroundings, and when you leave, it turns itself off. It cleverly uses red and green LEDs to show the position of the toilet seat – red when the seat is up and green when the seat is down. Another plus is that Lav Nav is powered by two AA batteries hence it won’t take up any of the bathroom electrical sockets.

Lav Nav is not your ordinary gadget, you’ll be surprised at how useful it actually is. With the Lav Nav, you will get back to sleep quickly because your eyes remain comfortably adjusted to the dark, ready for more sleep. Cool, isn’t it? Lav Nav’s can be had right here.

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