Laserpod: A Fusion of Science and Nature

beamsLaserpod is the original invention of UK’s light artist Chris Levine. It is one of the most innovative lighting products since the lavalamp in the sixties, now an icon of that era.

Creatively simple in its principle of operation, the Laserpod actually utilizes super advanced technology to generate the purest light known to man – a single frequency of energy significant to our existence. It uses three electronic lasers and three blue and purple LEDs (light emitting diodes) chosen by the inventor to create random light effects, projected through a crystal.

With the diffusers on top of the alloy cylinder [included in the package], the effects are contained and Laserpod becomes a soothing ambient lamp. But the visual magic starts when the diffusers are removed – the lightforms will radiate and project across an entire room and over great distances.

You can also interact with Laserpod by placing it on top of anything optical. Glass, crystal or clear plastics will generate the most profoundly beautiful effects. And if you want to have the best Laserpod experience, the device should be activated in complete darkness when the subtler more meditative and organic beams will be witnessed. laserpod

Laserpod is portable and can work for up to 8 hours on three Alkaline AA batteries or will run directly from the included AC adaptor.

Photography and video will not do Laserpod justice and nothing can compare the experience of seeing it perform live.

So grab yourself this light gadget. Get it right here!

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