KP3 Touchpad Dynamic Effect Sampler

For people who have already used the remarkable pocket-size Kaossilator Touchpad Synthesizer and the outstanding Min-Kaoss Touchpad Effects Processor but are still looking for more, the KP3 Touchpad Dynamic Effect Sampler is nothing but perfect. This device comes with an ideal blend of the amazing features of both the Mini-Kaoss and the Kaossilator Pad in a desktop-based format.

Such Touchpad has cool, striking LED lights positioned under the touchpad-based control system chasing your finger. It also allows you to utilize MIDI, test sounds, and save everything on a SD card.

The KAOSS technology from Korg has been loved by musicians, producers, and DJs alike. Why? Because it is fun to use and is very responsive. You just need to slide, tap, or touch your finger over the touchpad and the KP3 lets you manage multiple effects. The KP3 effect sampler is a complete gadget that lets you recall, administer, as well as playback samples. It also allows you to incorporate dynamic processing to just about any audio. Under the pad is a new lighting system that includes 64 individual LEDs in an eight by eight grid.

Other remarkable features of the KP3 is its 128 great-sounding effect programs and its innovative and exciting effects like decimator, grain shifter, analog style filter, and better EQs. These effects are all controlled straight from the pad. If you want to share data with a computer, you can do so because the KP3 Touchpad has a single USB connection. Know more about this product’s availability here.

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