Korg Nano Digital Music Controllers

NanoPAD. NanoKEY. NanoCONTROL. Wonder what all these are about? These are no other than the digital music controllers introduced by Korg, the world leader of musical instruments. They know exactly how frustrating it can be if musicians suddenly find that urge to compose or edit music yet they don’t have the right equipment to do that, only their laptops. It’s true that laptops are now fast becoming the new desktops, made even better since musicians can very well take them anywhere they go. But the only problem is that, once they feel the need to compose or edit music, the keyboard and mouse are not the perfect mates for this particular task. Good thing, the new Korg Nano Digital Music Controllers are here to make the task a lot easier for musicians like you.
The Korg Nano Digital Music Controllers provide three different portable USB versions of common musical input devices that will match perfectly with your laptop such as the NanoKEY, the NanoPAD, and the NanoKontrol. If you are into playing piano, you can always make use of the NanoKEY because it’s composed of 25 keys with velocity and 4 velocity curves. While if you are into playing drums, the NanoPAD is the device that you can use since it is designed with 12 trigger pads with velocity, roll button, flam button, hold button, and 4 scene buttons. Meanwhile, if mixing music is your craft, the NanoKONTROL fits you just right. It consists of nine faders, nine knobs, and eighteen switches for your mixing pleasure.

So, whether you need a keyboard, drums, or a mixer to compose and edit that music while you are on the go, the new Korg Nano Digital Music Controllers will certainly do the trick. To find out more about these cool gadgets, click here.

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