Know Your Heart using Nintendo Wii Vitality Sensor

Nintendo Wii completely revolutionized console gaming – from couch potato, tortilla munching gamers with complete disregard for any form of movement (except those of the thumb and fingers) to a totally action immersed gamer. Nintendo’s innovative console lets gamers play the game by moving the Wii remote (nun-chucks) thru swinging, punching, pointing, etc. The unique form of control and gameplay added excitement in playing games especially interactive games like sports and first person shooters.


Nintendo and other game designers even took the system in another level. Exercise as well as aerobic games and gadgets for Wii Fit were developed to help gamers achieve a healthy lifestyle and undo the horrors of hours of sedentary power gaming. During the last E3 2009, Nintendo unveiled the Wii Vitality Sensor – a gadget that goes along with Nintendo Wii to monitor the user’s pulse and heart rate. The Vitality Sensor attaches onto the Wii controller and pulse rate can be taken by inserting a finger inside the device.

The people who will benefit the most from this new product are those using Wii in fitness programs and exercise because it helps track and monitor the desired heart rate especially for cardio exercises. Although pricing and release date are not yet specified, you can know more about other Nintendo Wii products by visiting this website.

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