Know What Your Baby Wants with the Baby Crying Analyzer

First was solving how to feed kids with the Construction Eating Set. Now, it is the Baby Crying Analyzer! Sheesh! Taking care of babies is as hard as keeping the iPhone free from smudges!

Anyway, the Baby Crying Analyzer is an advanced baby monitoring gadget. It is advanced because while conventional baby monitoring devices makes you know that your baby is crying, this baby monitor lets you know that your baby is crying and tell you what is the reason behind it! It is like some wondrous speech translator that says converts baby sound to adult language.

why cryJust place the Why Cry Baby monitor for up to 6ft from the baby and all it takes is 20 secs for it to analyze what your baby wants to say. Either Stressed, Sleepy, Annoyed, Bored or Hungry, this analyzer will know what your baby is screaming for. The status can be seen in the device’s LCD display along with the room temperature and humidity. A Chart of Tranquility is also included for a quick and easy reference guide for which indicator means what to lessen your thinking time and probably be able to save your brain on doing some work while half asleep.

The problem here is sound interference. The analyzer can only work perfectly if it can analyze the baby’s cry. So if you dog barks along, the analyzer might give you a different reading which can give you some confusion. Nevertheless, the Baby Crying Analyzer is the perfect tool for first time parents.

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