Know Natural Acoustic Rapture with Ultrasone HFI-2400

ultrasoneHigh-end luxury and sports cars like Rolls Royce, Tesla, Aston Martin and Bugatti need not be popular to be held in high esteem by those who know their trade. It is the same with headphones; it takes a true audiophile to know what is what and who is who. Those who have the money to spend and are really persnickety about the quality of sound they hear, then the brand Ultrasone needs no further introductions. Ultrasone, a high roller in the headset industry had just recently launched a new product to remind us why it sucks to be broke – the new HFI-2400 open backed headset. Like its predecessor from the high-end HFI series, the 2400 features the best of the company’s S-Logic technology to produce an airy and surreal surround sound without the use of additional electronics. This wonders include:

• Dramatic 3-4 dB reduction in sound pressure resulting in around 40% less eardrum strain.
• MU metal shielding and ultra low emission technology to decrease magnetic radiation up to 98% as compared to regular headphones.
• Anatomical design to include the entire outer ear into the hearing process to have a more natural feel to the acoustic experience.
• Use of 40 mm gold plated driver for excellent 3 dimensional sounds
The HFI-2400 comes in an elegant black and silver combination with a modern day design. This device comes with a 6.3mm gold plated plug, 3 meter detachable cable, velvet bag, and a demo CD.

Click here for a more organic listening experience using Ultrasone HFI.

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