Kiwi Fuel Saving Device will Make Your Car a Geekie Tree Hugger

kiwiYeah… yeah… we have already heard in the news and read via├é┬áinternet on how to save on fuel by better driving. We were very much conscious on our fuel spending when a barrel of oil in the international market were like going in the range of insanely $135-$160! Now that it is back on a lower level of around $60, we seem to be more relax on saving and we have already forgotten all of those measures to curb fuel costs while driving. Well you don’t need to remember them all and let your car do it for you by using the Kiwi Fuel Saving Device.

This GPS looking monitor can be installed on the diagnostic board of your car. It doesn’t matter if it is a new one or a beater even if its runs on gas, diesel, ethanol, CNG, E85 & hybrid as long as it is manufactured from 1996 onwards, it can be installed. This green thinking computer gathers data regarding vehicle speed, RPM, engine load, and oxygen sensor readings. It then analyzes these factors to give you your Kiwi Score that says about how much your mpg rate is. Each day, it can track your savings from fuel costs and let you realize that you can achieve an average of 20-33% savings! The Drive Green mode shows you the optimal driving that should be done to get the most of every dollar that is burnt by your car.

Stop wasting and start saving! Get yours right at our GeekieStore.

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