Kissphone – Loosen Up Those Lips


Some inventor found a new way to spread love with the concept Kissphone. It’s basically a device with a simulated pair of lips that can copy, transmit, and reproduce kisses. According to the inventor, by detecting percussion speed, heaviness, warmth and vacuum force of lips by the sender, the receiver should be able to experience a replica of the sent kiss via the device’s synthetic mouth. Although meant for adding a new touch to communication, would be buyers can get pretty creative; from sweet to naughty to downright sick and x-rated that I can’t even mention it in this review.

According to the people behind the Kissphone, you should be able to treat kisses like an SMS or mp3 which you can save, forward, upload, share, and even leave it on an answering machine. The most interesting feature that caught my attention is the kiss bank where you can receive custom-made kisses, or even kisses from celebrities. If they are able to pull this off with all the features, be prepared to get a literal Smackdown! Imagine kisses from the President, your favourite stars, or simply someone you love, it will open a whole new dimension to communication and self expression. One more thing, I just can’t resist to add this line: Tongue not included!

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