Kingston ElitePro 32GB CF

This is one powerpacked CompactFlash card. It even contains more capacity than PC hard disks from a couple of years ago.


Professional photographers and digital artists are always on the lookout for the best digital imaging storage devices. One that is not only handy, but can keep up with the speed required of their profession. Well Kingston has answered their prayers. The Kingston ElitePro 32GB CF card is THE compactflash card with the BIGGEST memory capacity. In the world. And it has a minimum sustained writing speed of 133x. That’s a transfer rate of 25MB per second read, and 20MB per second write. Transferring files from a expansion card to your hard drive has never been this breezy.

The Kingston ElitePro 32GB CF is not only perfect for professional and amateur photographers. Digicam owners, who love to capture the moment on their long trips, will greatly benefit from this. If you’re going on a long tour, you won’t have the opportunity to transfer pictures to a PC. Therefore, having a 32GB memory capacity for your digicam ensures that you do not miss a memorable moment on your vacation.

The suggested retaiol price is about $154.00, but for special geekie readers like you, we found a place where you can get it for $99.95.

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