Kindle 2 by Amazon: Shipping This February


Well, it’s certainly more convenient than lugging around 5,000 pages in medical text. Amazon’s Kindle 2 has just been made available for pre-order this week, and it promised to be the next chapter in electronic books. What’s so different about the Kindle this time around? First, there’s the obvious upgrade in style factor. The Kindle 2 is as thin as your average magazine, only 1/3 of an inch. It’s ultra-lightweight, only 10.2 ounces, and its keys are more ergonomically pleasant. The Kindle 2, like its predecessor, can download books over your mobile phone network. But this time, you can store a whopping 1,500 books in this handy e-book reader. What’s more, as soon as you finish playing with the bubblewrap it comes in, you can automatically browse and purchase books of your choice. No need for computer hook-ups or PC compatibilities. The Kindle 2 also boasts of an awesome battery life. If your wireless connection is turned on, you can read for 4 straight days without having to charge. That’s a lot of sleepless nights. But if you really really can’t put that e-book down, well just turn off the wireless capability for an uninterrupted 2-week reading session.

The Kindle 2 will begin shipping out on February 24, 2009. And while you’re at it, jazz up your Kindle 2 with a stylish leather protective jacket.

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