KeyKatcher – The Easiest Way to Monitor Computers

There are lots of software options available for monitoring your computer. There are also a number of anti-spy and anti-virus programs that can detect monitoring software. Indefinitely, the back and forth battle of spy versus anti-spy software will continue. But, there is no program available which can detect a KeyKatcher [and there will never be].

key-katcherThis spy gadget plugs in between your keyboard and your computer and secretly records everything that is typed on your computer’s keyboard. It’s tiny yet it can store more than 65,000 keystrokes including e-mail, chat, IM, internet addresses and other computer activities. As keys are typed, the data is stored inside a non-volatile memory chip within the device. The non-volatile memory chip keeps the information even during system lock-ups and power outages. This means that the recorded information will not be lost albeit the device is unplugged.

installpicNow, if you want to see what has been recorded, simply open any word processor or text editor (Microsoft WordPad recommended) and type your personal password. The keylogger will then display a menu allowing you to view the recorded data, with options to erase, view, search data for keywords, change password, or disable the device.

KeyKatcher works with all computer operating systems with PS/2 keyboards and does not require any software to work. It can be plugged into one computer and plugged into the next without any installations or hard work.

Who needs this?

• Parents – to monitor your child’s internet, e-mail, and other computer activities
• Employers – to monitor employee computer usage compliance
• Software Developers – as a record of user activity
• Executives – to protect confidential files

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  1. That’s impressive, indeed. I know plenty of monitoring software, but this is this is a great option for those who are likely to detect monitoring software. One is not very likely to look at their keyboard port to check whether they’re monitored.

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