Keep Your Beverages Warm Longer with USB Cup Warmer

usb cup warmerImagine. You have your favorite hot cup of cappuccino while working extra hard to meet your office deadline. Things get interesting; you lay down your cup and get busy. Finally when you are done, you remembered your coffee and decided to celebrate with a sip of your favorite now BLAND cup of coffee. The steamy hot cup part of your cappuccino is long gone moments ago. Like your deadline, there is nothing much you can do with the science of thermodynamics, heat transfers and insulation. But what you can do is keep your coffee or other favorite beverages warmer for a longer period of time.

The USB cup warmer is one convenient hi-tech solution. Using a USB powered hot plate, it can keep the temperature of your hot beverages at 40 degrees even after an hour. Just plug the cup warmer in a free USB port and put your favorite cup on the hot plate and voila! You can still enjoy a hot cup mid shift. The best part is that it only uses low voltage, 5 Volts to be exact, from a PC or Mac USB.
usb cup warmer device
The package includes DC to USB Cable and an ample 50 cm cable length – just enough for desktop use. This hot gadget is available in different colors and requires no driver installation. A word of caution, the surface can get really hot , thus not suitable for plastic cups. Since it is an electrical device, be careful with liquid spills.

While enjoying your hot cup of coffee, you can try this website for more information and related products.

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