Keep Writing On with the Zero Gravity Space Pen

The force that causes something to fall to the ground or to be attracted to another – that’s what gravity is. Now, what happens when there is zero gravity? Of course, you will experience the so-called weightless environment, wherein the resistance to an object is canceled out. Astronauts often experience this in orbit. As the spacecraft or rocket accelerates, their bodies also accelerate at similar rate. And since there is no contact force, weightlessness occur, making it difficult for them to write complex calculations when their guidance computer is malfunctioning. This is where the Zero Gravity Space Pen comes in.

zero_gravity_space_penInitially developed for NASA space flight, the Zero Gravity Space Pen is capable of working under extreme conditions – extreme heat up to 400°F, extreme cold down to minus 50°F, over grease, underwater, and even upside down. Unlike the ordinary Bic biro with a bitten-down end, this Zero G pen is proven to perform even in these harshest conditions because it is made mainly with precision stainless steel tungsten carbide ball points and is powered by a fully pressure ink cartridge. So, if you get one, you can expect it to have longer service life, allowing you to keep writing on legibly, whether you’re upside down or underwater.

Astronaut or no-astronaut, you will sure benefit from this high quality space pen. But hey, you can always get one to give to your friends and loved ones! The Fisher Space Pen, Zero Gravity Space Pen with U.S. Flag Imprint, Black Rubber Finish (ZG) makes a perfect gift for those working in law enforcement agencies, armed forces, ski patrols, search and rescue teams, and any other as long as they need to write legibly even in extreme conditions. Buy one now!

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