Keep Track of Your Food with DaysAgo Refrigerator Timer

daysago_timerI can remember my enthusiasm as I buy this gourmet bread from the supermarket. I didn’t mind the 5 days expiration date on the bread and saying to myself that I would consume it anyway. As I get back home, I immediately ate it and damn it tasted so good. I placed it in the refrigerator for later consumption. Little did I know that 7 days have already passed and molds already grew on the bread . Too bad I have to throw the bread but it couldn’t have spoiled if I only knew that it was due for consumption already and I could have savored its tasty and fine taste. More or less you have also the same experience with other stuffs packed in your fridge like spreads, salsa or that covered up in foil food.

Introducing the DaysAgo Refrigerator Timer. As the name implies, it is basically a timer that counts how long an item has been in your refrigerator. Just stick it on the food container, press start and let the counting begin. It can display the duration in hours or days and can stick on jars or plates with its suction cup base and to other things with a magnetic strap attachment. Each pack contains six and comes in different colors. The  batteries included can last for 6 months (which I hope won’t be up when you find out that missing slice of pizza is just there tucked in the deepest recesses of your fridge).

Track the freshness of your food with this timer that can be easily bought from Amazon

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