Keep the Music and Video Playing with Music Power 0900-72 ENCORE

It’s so annoying when your Ipod, MP3 player, or any music or video playing gadget dies on you while listening to your favorite track or watching the movie you’ve recently uploaded on your way home. The reason: low battery. It would have been okay if it happens when you’re home or you’re in the office, where a charger is always just within your reach. But if you are on the go, well you certainly need to wait for a couple of minutes or so to be able to charge it. Good thing there is now an easy solution to your problem. Introducing the Music Power 0900-72 ENCORE, your portable USB power supply.

portable_usb_power_supplyProviding you an ample supply of USB power to recharge your gadget while on the go, the Music Power 0900-72 ENCORE makes the perfect companion for travelers like you. Simply plug it into any wall outlet before hitting the road, and there you have that ultimate power source for your Ipod, Zune, MP3 player, and other USB compatible devices. Now, you can say goodbye to boring travels and long hours of waiting for your gadget to be recharged. And since this comes with a rechargeable extended battery and can simultaneously charge up to two USB devices, all the more you can enjoy nonstop music and video while on the go.

Once you have it, you will certainly agree to what this article says about this product. And hey, why not share the fun? Give one as a gift to your friends or loved ones. Get the Music Power 0900-72 Encore Dual Port USB AC Charger with Rechargeable Extended Battery at now!

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