Juice Up Your Phones with Super USB Mobile Phone Charger

Super USB chargerNo. This is not an octopus. Octopuses have eight tentacles while this equally interesting Super USB Mobile Phone Charger has 10 types of connectors for your mobile phones and other portable devices. Owning more than one mobile device is cool but bringing a charger for each and every one of them can be quite challenging. There are the issues of mess and clutter, misplacing, and unless you have an access to inter-dimensional storage, they’ll just end up filling your bag or car’s glove compartment space. Having the Super USB Mobile Phone Charger is like having an all-in-one charger for your mobile phones and portable devices. This device also has a Data HotSync cable for iPod and iPhone as well as a charger for PSP.

The following phone and gadget connectors are supported by this device:
• Nokia 2.06mm (or 2mm)
• Nokia 3.5mm
• USB Mini 5 pin (Motorola (V3 series) and HTC)
• Micro USB (Motorola V8)
• LG
• Samsung (20P (s))
• Samsung (20P (M))
• Sony Ericsson Fast Port
• Sony PSP
• iPhone and iPod (both for charging and Data HotSync)

Some Nokia models may require the use of a USB voltage booster while charging but it’s good to know that it’s been already included in the package. The only notable limitation of this device is that it can only charge 1 device at a time but with the all-in-one functionality for $9.99 it’s already a steal.

You can check out more products and other USB mobile chargers in this website.

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