Juice – A Stylish Mobile Charger

Our electronic gadgets need to be charged, or else, they won’t be able to do their intended functions. Cell phones, remotes, mp3 players, and other devices should not die on us when the need comes. It is for this reason that the Juice is made.

Juice. Yes, this is the appropriate name for the multi-faceted charger that features a USB outlet at one end and two slots for battery charging on the other side. Called Air Holders, these side slots come in two different sizes to accommodate two battery sizes – AAA and AA – for recharging. The Juice is also equipped with a USB output for your USB-focused accessories. The main unit can be used as an AC adapter and stocks up “juice” for your electronic gadgets. Those LED lights found in the Juice’s body shows the charge levels.

This ingenious mobile charger is designed by Hiroaki Tanaka and produced by a Japanese company named Nobil as a great solution for people who always brings with them multiple gadgets when travelling. You just need to plug it into a wall unit and charge the Juice’s internal battery. Its wall socket prongs are hidden in its body so as not to affect the gadget’s appearance. Compared to its competitors, the Juice comes aesthetically pleasing because most similar devices come ugly and bulky.

Since it’s not everyday that a cool concept device like this comes your way, you should not let it pass you by. Watch out for its release in Japan and Taiwan early this year and in the US soon after that. Meantime, you can get similar products at Amazon.

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