Journey Begins with a Single Step Using SW200 Yamax DigiWalker Pedometer

Walking is a great way to lose some weight, stay fit and burn those beer calories. It’s relatively free, needs no memberships or any special training. All you need to get going is a good weather, a fine pair of sneakers and perhaps the SW200 Yamax Digi-Walker Pedometer.
SW200 Tamax DigiWalker Pedometer
For those unfamiliar with what a pedometer is – it is simply a device used to measure your foot steps. The Digi-Walker SW200 is considered by researchers as one of the most dependable and accurate pedometers in the market. This device is made for both serious and casual walkers who want to have an accurate record of their daily step count at any walking speed. Walking is supposed to be enjoyed, counting your steps while doing your rounds just spoils the fun. Counting and forgetting where you were while trying to achieve 10,000 steps is worst. Imagine having reached the 9000nth step then starting all over again because you got “distracted”.

For hardcore walkers who want more than 10,000 steps, this device can store information up to 99,999 steps whether running or walking. The number of steps can be easily viewed through its large and easy to read LCD display. The SW200 is enclosed in a clam shell form to protect the LCD display and reset button while walking. You can choose among 4 cool colors of black, clear smoke, clear blue and clear red that would suit your taste. It also comes with a free pedometer safety strap, 4 page full color log and 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.

To begin your journey of 10,000 steps, find the easiest way here.

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