Japanese Aqua Dance

aqua dance

Imagine in the rain forest of Amazon, as the morning dew collects on the leaves of plants, beads upon beads of water graciously roll down to its tips before hitting the ground. I don’t know why but I find it amusing to see how water form into beads. Upon doing a quick search, this beading of water is because of the surface that it flows on. The people over at Nikka Kagaku Co., Ltd. Japan have developed a nanotechnology they call Adesso WR that makes water form into beads as they roll upon this surface. Well whatever great way to use this nano-tech but for amusement right?

Introducing the Japanese Aqua Dance. This weird gadget is like a pin ball machine or Pachinko for people over at the land of the rising sun that has different obstacles that varies the course of the water beads. Just fill the mini tank above with water, do some quick pumps to pressurize, open the lever, and let the fun flow! The moment water gets out of the tank, it already beads up and speeds its way down the course hitting different obstacles making it split, move around and frolic some more. Just looking at it makes one amaze on how the surface works since it seems to make water a different form of matter or at least for me.

Know more about this weird, crazy, but fun Japanese Aqua Dance over at ThinkGeek.com.

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