It Makes Senz!


What makes sense? The new umbrella created by Senz Stealth. The first thing you’d notice about it is its odd asymmetrical shape. I can already imagine all the OC (obssessive-compulsive) people out there cringing at the sight of  this umbrella! It may be funny to look at, and  if you’re the type to value practicality over aesthetic quality then this is your umbrella! (Although truth be told, Senz Stealth umbrella boasts of multiple design awards for this invention.)

Senz promises that this umbrella will be your ever reliable buddy during a rainy day. Because of its aerodynamic shape, it allows you to see where you’re going. And you know what the best part is?  This umbrella will never turn inside out during a windy storm because it can withstand gales as strong as 70MPH. Senz Stealth even has a skydiving video to prove it. Yup! This amazing umbrella took a skydiving test. See how this nifty innovation holds against the force of nature.

For sure by now you’d agree with me when I say that it’s the perfect company for a stormy day. So do you think this umbrella make sense? I do. It makes perfect Senz.

Features include:

  • Measurements:   Full length – measures approximately 78cm / Compact- measures approximately 61cm (27cm when folded)
  • Automatic opening mechanism integrated in the handle

Pick up your own Senz right here.

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