It’s Time to Play the Eigenharp Alpha

Do you feel like playing the most expressive electronic musical instrument ever made? Almost everyone feel it every time they see the Eigenharp Alpha. This is a professional level instrument which the musician can play and improvise utilizing a plethora of sounds with virtuoso skills. Upon looking at it, you’ll be confused as to what exactly this instrument brings. It is because it looks like a part-drum, part-piano, and part-woodwind. Simply put, it is a wealth of musical functions, fused in a single electronic machine.

Designed for professional use, the Eigenharp Alpha can play native instruments such as Clarinet, Cello, and Synth. It can also program beats, record and play loops, switch and layer several sounds, transpose, change key and scale, alter tempo and many others. Best is, all these functions can be used while the musician is doing a live performance. So if you’re one of today’s computer-toting musicians, this super-sequencer and synthesizer is perfect for you. However, this is meant to be used in computer with Macs and other software that’s bundled into this contraption.

The Eigenharp Alpha is offered in different finishes. It also features 120 sensitive keys, 12 percussion keys, two strip controllers, various pedal inputs, and a breath pipe. This contraption also takes pride in offering almost infinite possibilities for fast switching of instruments, flexible keyboard layouts, as well as expressive musical control. Its complete software system offers a cornucopia of musical performance features including various software plugins. So what else are you looking for?

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