It’s the Stig! No, It’s a Projection Alarm Clock

Fans of Top Gear surely know who The Stig is. But for the benefit of those who did not know him, Stig is the racing driver on Top Gear, a famous show on BBC. And he’s not just an ordinary racer; on the show, he is a mysterious “tame racing driver.” Now aside from going so fast around the race track without even breaking a sweat, the Stig has now gave his attention to driving people out of bed.

If you’re among those Top Gear diehard fans, no one will wonder if they see you drooling over the Stig Helmet Projection Alarm Clock. This amazing bedside device is outfitted with white racing apparel and the current time is shown on the visor. The Stig Projection Alarm Clock takes pride in offering a time projection function, which projects the time onto the surface to give you bigger picture.

Though it comes smaller, this alarm clock renders your bedside with the solitary look of the Stig. However, it surely will make you alive come wake up time. When the alarm time comes, a beacon of light will come out from the Stig’s head, projecting on the ceiling or wall. It also comes with a programmable alarm that plays the theme of Top Gear when the alarm goes off. This alarm clock comes 15 cm tall and 18 cm wide. It needs three “AA” batteries to be able to function.

If you don’t mind looking into the eyeless mask every time you wake up, get a hold of this precious alarm clock before everyone else does. Check out this product here.

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