The Razer Mamba Is Fragging Hot


Hardcore gamers have always looked to one particular brand to fill their gadget lust: Razer. From their first batch of top-quality, no-delay, ultra-sensitive mouse and controllers – they have already crossed over to provide all the gadget goodies that gamer geeks crave for. Illuminating keyboards, 5.1 Surround headsets, and high-end mousepads are part of a gamer’s ultimate wishlist.

To ensure seamless communication between your mouse controls and your gaming experience, Razer has since stuck to wired controllers due to technological constraints. Though other competitor brands have been brandishing their Bluetooth-enabled PC accessories, the millisecond of control delay is still not enough to satisfy the more serious and professional gamers. But the days of the wired Razer is finally over! After years of tweaking their hardware and optimizing wireless controls, the Razer Mamba has arrived. Boasting of a sleek design that will put any sports car to shame, the Razer Mamba promises seamless wireless support and topnotch maneuverability.

Among its key features is the ability to switch between wireless gaming nirvana, and the powerhouse rush of wired play. And true to the gamers’ spirit of having a complete avatar identity, the Razer Mamba has an upgraded Synapse Onboard Memory. You can store your game profiles and even macro strings and commands, without having to install any software. Take your customized profiles and settings straight on to any PC, for a little of some action-packed LAN party or tournaments in the virtual arena. This amazing gaming accessory responds at a mere 1 millisecond interval. This ensures your command is carried out even if your opponent reacts at the same time as you. With the Razer Mamba in the house, get ready to pwn!

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