It’s a Rocket! No, It’s a Mathmos Fireflow Candle Lava Lamp

mathmosOf course, there’s always a gift-giver in each and every one of us. And in every occasion, we want to give our loved ones with nothing but the best and the most unique gift we could ever find. If you’re looking for an extraordinary thing to give your special someone, the Mathmos Fireflow Candle Lava Lamp is perfect. This one’s special because it is the first ever tea-light powered lava lamp and it is shaped like a rocket!

Aside from its retro-rocket shape, this lamp will surely please your loved ones and make them wanna get mellow even just for a while. It comes in four color choices such as turquoise, green, pink, and purple, making it not just an ideal gift but a nice addition to your room as well. For a chic look, its base and bottle cap are manufactured from cast zinc alloy. They are made even more attractive with a pearl chrome finish.

This lava lamp is powered by a tea light candle and has a run-time of approximately three hours. This is the average burn time for one tea light candle. It weighs 525 grams and its height is approximately 9.5 inches.

Each Fireflow bottle is hand-filled in UK using the company’s unique Mathmos formula. This is the formula behind every best-shaped lava formation, the most durable bottle, and the clearest liquid placed inside that bottle. What’s great is that you can use this lamp for a lifetime because there are replacement bottles available.

Eager to get a hold of a Fireflow Candle Lava Lamp? Look for this great product here.

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