Is Your Dog Smarter than a 5th Grader? Find Out with Doggy IQ Test

Dog IQ Test
Before yelling “You stupid dog!” to Courage or another person’s pet, man’s best friend might be hiding the secret of the universe behind those puppy dogs eyes. However, you are too busy living in an desolated farm in the middle of nowhere to know it. Now with Doggy IQ Test, you can know if your dog really possesses an IQ comparable to a genius or intelligence equivalent to a lobotomized drunk mongrel.

The Doggy IQ Test is a series of self scoring intelligence test for your dogs and mutts designed by the renowned Dr. Stanley Coren. The good doctor is not only a Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia but also an author of numerous helpful doggy books including “How to Speak Dog” and “The Intelligence of Dogs”. He is an award winning dog trainer and a foremost authority on canine behavior.

Using 12 meticulously designed and well-researched tests, you can determine the Canine Intelligence Quotient or CIQ of your dog. The test is composed of five tests involving problem solving and seven more concerning learning ability and memory. After taking the test, you can proudly say with proof in hand that your dog is smarter than their dog or not. The Doggy IQ Test comes with the test book, guide for results and scores, and a stopwatch to time the results. The test is suitable for dogs 10 weeks of age.

To discover more about your dog’s intelligence, get your own copy of Doggy IQ Test here.

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