iPod Nano 3rd Generation TV

The title might mean to you that the 3rd generation iPod Nano which is 2 generations behind the latest is getting an unexpected TV capability upgrade but sorry to burst your bubble, it is not. While that could be an  unexpected welcome upgrade to the most popular music device’s lovers, the TV support is still a fantasy. But watching on your iPod’s puny 2.8″ screen is a reality and you can do something about it.NANOTVGIF250

Presenting the Nano 3G TV. This device enables your fat Nano to have a more manageable screen size by literally magnifying it. You simply have to choose the movie you want to watch and put it on the back of the device and watch in a larger screen. There are also built-in speakers so you don’t need to have those very much iconic ear buds plugged in. The construction of the Nano TV can remind you of Mario and his adventures since the looks is so retro with its small TV look and VCR combo. Well, I bet you wouldn’t mind the retro look if you still keep the 3rd generation iPod which some crazy-latest-gadget freaks call it also retro. You can use the Nano TV as a small bed side entertainment device or put it somewhere that needs some entertainment but with limited space.

This cool retro looking device sure works great with 3rd Gen Nanos but that’s about it. Later generation iPod Nanos wouldn’t work with this so that could be a drawback.

You can get one here.

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