Introducing the Black Nintendo Wii

blacknintendowiiFor those who have long been waiting for a black version of this popular gaming console from Nintendo, now your long wait is over! Introducing the Black Nintendo Wii – the first color other than white being offered in Japan since August 1. Although there is no word yet as to when will this be released in US and in Europe, for sure a lot of Nintendo Wii lovers are already looking forward to it.

But why go black? If you are among those who find black as a color of elegance, then there’s no doubt why you waited this long for the Nintendo Wii Black to be released. Actually, black was just one of the four alternative colors that were proposed when Nintendo launched the Wii three years back. And so, lucky you, black was chosen to be launched this year!

Looking back to what a Nintendo Wii is, well it is a great gaming system that allows you to be on your feet and put you right into the game. Unlike other gaming consoles, the Wii lets you play the game as if you are really holding the gear and you are in the real field. Whether you want to play tennis, baseball, bowling, and boxing or do some routine exercise, you can very much take advantage of the Wii to provide you that gaming experience without being on an actual field. And with the extra remote and nunchuck, you can always ask friends and family members to play with you for a gaming experience that no other gaming console can provide.

So, bring on the fun! Get the Nintendo Wii Black, together with its Wii black accessories now!

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