Interact with the Real World, Catch Yourself in 3D Space with Vuzix CamAr and PhasAR!


If you have always wanted to catch yourself in 3D space and appear that you are looking like a time machine user from a sci-fi flick, then the CamAr might just be what you need. Actually, this is just an add-on for the iWear VR920 video headset. The hardware itself is just a camera that sits in front of the eyewear and feeds a signal back to your eyes, allowing you interact with the real world. And not only that, this device also track objects and allows you to see yourself or your position in 3-dimensional space.

The makers of this device expect that wearing it, together with the PhasAR – a wireless augmented reality input controller, will allow users to interact with virtual, mixed and augmented reality worlds with a revolutionary 6 degree of freedom tracking that lets the computer know exactly where the user is touching in the virtual and real worlds. Depending on the application, the PhasAR can become anything – from a powerful 3D virtual paint brush to a virtual magic wand, which should be great for those who always wanted to be  Harry Potter. And in order to easily control virtual objects in 3D space, the PhasAR facilitates powerful 2-D like mouse support.

Together, these new gadgets will allow you to perceive and interact with the real world in ways you have never dreamed of before. Pricing is about $100 for both pieces and offered as an option to the VR920 when you purchase it.

While we don’t have word on this device’s release yet, why not shop around for some virtual reality goggles here.

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