Improve Your Listening Experience with the Sonic Super Ear Personal Sound Amplifier

“Huh? What did he say?” If this is your usual line whenever your boss or colleague gives lectures or talks during meetings, well you better do something about it. You can’t go on forever relying on your seatmate to repeat whatever the speaker says. So, as early as now, you must look at some tech gadgets that will help you improve your listening experience. Actually, there are lots of devices that serve such purpose nowadays. One of which is the Sonic Super Ear Personal Sound Amplifier.

superearThe Sonic Super Ear is an inexpensive listening device that allows you to hear the sounds around you better, about 50 decibel gain over standard hearing. Just imagine how binoculars work to improve your vision and you will know exactly how this device can be of help to you. It is recommended to use both indoors and outdoors, during lectures, concerts, sporting events, and meetings.

But the use of the Sonic Super Ear does not end in all those events. Actually, even in simple nature trips like bird watching, this can also be used to amplify bird sounds for a more enjoyable nature tripping experience. And no doubt, it can also be used for espionage, straight up as it picks up sounds from up to 100 yards away.

What’s included in the package? Well, there’s an AAA battery, stereo headphones, and a spring clip so you can easily attach it to your pocket belt or to your binoculars. Interested to buy now? The Sonic Super Ear Personal Sound Amplifier is very much available at for only $34.91.

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