iMote Kid Friendly Remote

You might have bought a brand spanking new flat TV during the past Black Friday shopping spree. Coupled with a premium cable TV subscription, you are able to watch hundreds of channels in high definition. But you know for yourself that not all of those premium content channels are safe for children viewing especially the one that dad watches when everyone’s asleep. You could lock out those channels with your TV but it would be such a hassle unlocking them every time you want to watch. The easy kid friendly solution would be using the iMote.

b83d_imoteThe iMote is a remote control for your TV that is especially designed for kids. It doesn’t have all of those differently colored buttons that your remote control has that came standard with your TV, rather, it has just eight. One is for turning on the TV, two are for volume up or down, and the five remaining are for five customized channels that you could program. Let’s say you want channel one to be Cartoon Network, and the second would be Disney and so on. You can even put stickers on the button to represent which channel that buttons switches to. The remote is completely safe for children as it doesn’t contain any materials that can harm them if they happen to casually chew the remote.

This would be a great gift for Christmas letting your kid know that he/she has control over the TV whenever Blue’s Clue or Dora is on. Get the iMote now.

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