Immobitag – Thief! Hands Off My Bike

Carbon fiber frames, aerodynamic rims, titanium and aluminum support, sophisticated electronics and customized designs make up some of the bicycles today and thieves know they are not cheap. Realizing that your specialized custom made bike just got stolen is not a good way to start a day, like what happened to Lance Armstrong’s custom made bike.

Losing a bike designed by rocket scientists around the world and losing your own regular bike share a common thing – It is not funny! When chains and locks are not enough, get Immobitag – a radio frequency identification device that can help protect, recover and return your stolen ride. The company behind the gadget partnered with the law enforcement agencies such that in case of loss or theft of your bike it will be listed under their National Stolen Property Database and Second Hand Trade Stolen Property Register. This implies that your bike will be traceable and thus, thieves will find the bike very difficult to sell. There is also a high chance your ride will be returned to you in case the police came in custody with your bike and scanned the tag to be yours using the company’s Immobilise database.

immobitag fullimmobitag sticker

Immobitag is easy to install, all you have to do is permanently jam it inside your bike frame and register the bike to the Immobilise website. The device also comes with warning stickers that the bicycle is “tagged” to discourage potential bad guys.

In need of this security gadget? Check this website.

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