iLogic Sound Hat Lets You Listen to your Favorite Tunes

Wearing extra layers of clothes just to keep you warm during winter can certainly hinder you from using your much-loved gadgets. Wearing gloves means you can’t text properly. Wearing a hat to cover your ears means you can’t listen to your iPod without feeling uncomfortable. The folks at iLogic realized this so they have come up with a gizmo that will let you listen to your favorite songs, even during cold seasons – the iLogic Sound Hat. With this hat, you can keep yourself warm while playing your tunes.


Made from 100% polyester with a fleece lining, this stylish beanie has integrated speakers that fit snugly over your ears. It can be hand-washed after removing the speakers. A 98cm wire with a 3.5mm jack is tucked into the lining so you can plug in your iPod or other portable media device that has a headphone jack. The wire gives you enough freedom to have your player in your pocket or bag and still be very comfortable listening within your hat. Cool! And no more dirty look from people on the bus because they can’t hear whatever it is that you’re listening to.

So, what are you waiting for? Forget the hassles of ear buds underneath ski caps,  and get ready early for winter. Get this right here.

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