Illuminate Your Night with Time Your Light

Imagine this: one evening, you’re alone in your home, then the lights went off so suddenly. You used your mobile timeyourlightphone to light your way through the kitchen and search for a candle or even an old lamp. You found nothing. Frustrated, you went back to the living room and waited for the lights to get back. Ten minutes, twenty, thirty, an hour, an hour-and-a-half, still no light. That could be so frustrating! So, the next time around make sure that you keep some home gadgets around that can provide you with light during this unexpected scenario. Or better yet, equip your home with this stunningly designed Time Your Light gadget.

Time Your Light is an LED light design concept that gets its power mechanically and works similar to a windup doll. Introduced by industrial designer Jasper Huo, this device converts mechanical energy into electricity to power the LEDs. To set it, all you have to do is to rotate the timer base by winding up the crank mechanism on the inside. As it slowly unwinds, you will notice that the lamp starts to light, illuminating your night or any dark room at that. Once the timer stops, the light also fades. But you can always set it again if you want continuous illumination.

So, the next time the light goes out, you don’t have to make your way through the dark again. Time Your Light is there to the rescue. And look at these exciting colors, aren’t they pretty?
Awesome colors, indeed! Whether you buy one for yourself or for your loved one, for sure it will look great inside your home. Also, check out these LED light timer collection for more options.

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