I’ll Tengu What…


If you were part of the Tamagotchi craze back in the 90’s, then you might just find yourself drawn to one of these Tengu computer gadgets.

Tengu is a simple white, square device created to spice up a boring day job. Simply place it in front of your computer, and watch it mimic your lip movements. It even creates facial expressions based on the music and sounds in the background. Tengu’s various facial reactions are created by its blinking red lights that’s powered by a computer USB port. With no software program needed, Tengu is compatible with all operating systems.

Like a virtual pet, it can fall sleep when there is silence, and wake up at the sound of any noise.  When awake, it responds to the sound level and type of music and noise it hears. You can even change its expression by blowing on its face.

Tengu keeps you company like a buddy at work or a pet at home. Although truth be told, this invention is actually not far from the old Christmas lights that never fail to amuse you year after year. Why not give Tengu a chance. Who knows? He might just be your new BFF.

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