iKaraoke for your iPod


Do you love to sing? Do you sing in the shower or in your car? Yes? Then you have to get this iKaraoke from Griffin Technologies – a clever  device that combines a microphone with digital signal processing so you can sing along with your favorite tracks as they play on your iPod. iKaraoke isolates the lead vocal track in your favorite music and fades it, giving your voice room to move up front and make that favorite tune yours. How? Well, a clever button silences the frequency carrying the vocals, leaving the backing track for you to sing along to.

Not only that, the iKaraoke has a built-in FM transmitter and can also be connected to your stereo through your stereo’s Auxiliary Audi In (sometimes called Line In). You can even pause, scan forward/backward, add reverb, or temporarily drop the original vocals back in. Plus, it does not require batteries as it gets power from your iPod. Best of all, iKaraoke is compatible with all the latest iPod models, specifically the fourth- and fifth-generation iPod, the first- and second-generation nano, and even the iPod mini.

With the iKaraoke, there’s no worrying about having a limited song selection because song choice is based only on the breadth of your digital music collection. This is an absolute must-have for karaoke lovers who also happen to have an iPod. So for all you iPod owners out there, hurry up, click this and grab yourself an iKaraoke.

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