iGala WiFi Linux Based Photo Frame: The World’s Smartest Digital Picture Frame

DLnarrow2Digital photo frames can be divided into two categories; basic but affordable and high-end with interesting features. The iGala belongs to the second category. The iGala takes the digital picture frame one step further, showing pictures not only on its 8-inch LCD screen but connects to the Internet through the built-in Wifi (802.11b/g), providing “always on” synchronization with your photos stored on the Web or sent via e-mail. No PC is required as the images can be loaded onto the iGala using a standard USB flash drive or any size SD card.

iGala connects to several popular services for retrieval of your photos stored online, including:

* Flickr
* Picasa
* FrameIt
* FrameChannel

In addition, you can send pictures and other information to the iGala using:

* E-mail – iGala can be configured to grab pictures sent as attachments to a Gmail account. Just provide iGala with any Gmail account name and password, and it will regularly check for new images.
* RSS – iGala can be programmed to receive data from any RSS feed.

With a version of the Linux operating system at its core, iGala also features easy touch-screen controls, clock and alarm function, MP3 playback, auto power saving and has room for about 5,000 images [thanks to the 1GB internal memory]. All these features come at a price though. The iGala digital picture frame is on sale right now for $239.99.

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