Haunted Memories Animated Portraits for the Halloween

c73d_haunted_memories_animated_portraitsIt definitely must have come to a point in a horror movie that as the protagonist walks past by an old picture frame, an image suddenly appears, disappears or seem to have moved. Like a creepy old picture of a child turning into a zombie then looking at it again would go back to its original look. This animated portraits copies that effect so good that it can surely make everyone scream at first encounter.

These frames look like your common old pictures in black and white or sepia that came from your grandmother or grandfather’s old house. It contains basic images of people in front but looking at an angle would show exact pictures of them, with the effect of an unsettling spirit has come into them. It doesn’t require any batteries to create an effect so expect long time spook fest with this one. This works like your holographic stickers that you fondly collected as a child but a rather eerie one.

Six variants are available for that complete haunted movies collection package. You can choose from Cousin Harold, Little Ruthie, Restless Spirit, Uncle Percy, Midwest Matricide, and Little Ophelia. Sizes vary from 5″x7″ or 8″x10″ so you can choose if you would like a little photo album prank or a picture frame sized prank. These pictures don’t come with a frame so you better head down to your local antique shop to get the perfect effect.

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Craig Frames 1WB3BK, 1" Contemporary Black Picture Frame
Craig Frames 1WB3BK, 1" Contem...
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