iDream Speaker Pillows Will Sound You Off to A Good Night’s Sleep

idreamMy nightly routine before lying on my bed is to put my iPod on and listen to some podcasts that I have been following. It is like my sleeping pill that puts my body on rest whenever I get to hear that podcast. If not for that, I would probably be tossing and turning in my bed just to get the feeling right. That’s why when I saw the iDream Speaker Pillows, I felt like it was made perfectly for me.

The concept is really simple. The pillow is as soft as it can be giving the user the comfort he has been looking for without popping on some earphones. Don’t expect though that this can give loud sounds that made you go boom boom boom on the bomb shaped speakers. Afterall, this is a night time speakers for people like me who wants to get asleep rather than having fun outside.

The iDream has a side pocket where the 3.5 audio jack can be found which is compatible with different media players. The volume control is an added bonus since you don’t have to be awaken by your Ipod’s back light just to increase or decrease the sounds. The secret to the iDream’s cushiony body is due to the micro beads that support the head while being extremely lightweight. No power source like a battery is needed since it draws power from the mp3 player itself.

Get your iDream which is available in Pink, Blue or Black through

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