Ice Cream Ball

ice cream ballI admit that I am an ice cream fanatic. I eat ice cream when I’m watching movies, hanging out with friends or when I can’t simply do anything. Furthermore, I want my ice cream to be healthy so making my own would be better. (I say this line every time I finish the pint).  I know that ice cream makers of sorts are available but they still have to be set up and plugged in to work and clean up is also a mess.

Nice thing that there is such thing as the Ice Cream Ball at The Ice Cream Ball is an ice cream maker that is designed to help you kill time while waiting for your tasty dessert to be finished. Making ice cream is simple. You just have to fill the outer compartment with ice and salt then the inner chamber with the ice cream ingredients, close the lid firmly and shake the ball your way – no need for electricity! The ingredients freeze since the outer chamber goes way below freezing point without freezing due to the chemical interaction of ice and salt making the inner chamber’s contents freeze.

With this ice cream maker, you will have the liberty to choose whichever flavor you like. From as simple as vanilla to as complicated as an Italian Gelato. The kit comes with the ball, an opening tool, instructions sheet and a recipe sheet to help you get started. Take note though that the ball isn’t designed to be dropped or kicked so be easy not to have too much fun with it.

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