iCarte Turns the iPhone into an NFC Handset and RFID Reader/Writer

If you want to turn your iPhone into a near field communications or RFID reader, now there is an app (and a hardware accessory) for that. Say hello to iCarte – the first NFC/RFID reader for iPhones.

iCarte-110The iCarte slots onto your iPhone and plugs into your sync port, the device can then read RFID tags and transfer the data to the iPhone app. It operates at 13.56MHz and supports a wide range of ISO14443A/B and ISO15693 tags including NXP MIFARE and I-CODE SLI, Texas Instrument Tag-it HF-I, etc. It is capable of peer to peer communications utilizing NFCIP-1 and ISO 18092 standards and the embedded secure access module (SAM) is compliant with JCOP operating system.

In addition to NFC and peer to peer communication capabilities, the iCarte supports multiple RFID protocol read and write functions. RFID tag information can be read and written by the iCarte and communicated in real-time to enterprise databases through the iPhone’s Wi-Fi or 3G connections. Business users can use the iPhone and iCarte for commercial applications such as asset tracking, document tracking, healthcare, security and access control.

The iCarte also contains an embedded smart-chip which can be configured as debit, credit, pre-paid and loyalty cards turning the iPhone into an electronic wallet. This makes the iCarte ideal for iPhone users who want to use their iPhone for fast and secure contactless payments, transit payments, loyalty rewards, checking balances, top-up pre-paid credit, discovering new services from smart posters or kiosks and exchanging information with other NFC phones.

The iCarte works with iPhone 3G and 3GS with OS version 3.0 or higher and comes with a mini-USB connector that can double as a charger for the iPhone and sync your device with iTunes.

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