i Wallet: Put Technology Along With Your Cash and Credit Card

Most of the people I know like to place photos of their family, partner or loved ones and even their own pets in their wallet. Other people won’t usually see those pictures alongside your cash, credit cards, ID’s and receipts, but those pictures are a good thing to remind you  of those that are special to you [if you tend to forget who they are a lot – Ed.]. A lot of us have definitely a lot of memories or photos we want to store in our wallet but due to physical limitations, we can’t fit all those images in. And if by any chance we did put the pictures of all our loves in our wallet, the end result will be downright close to silly.

i-walletGood thing there is the new i Wallet, a stylish black lavish leather wallet with an integrated mini LCD image viewer inside. The multimedia viewer can store up to 16MB of precious memories and is able to present the pictures in a slideshow manner with an interval ranging from 2.5 to 10 seconds. Another cool feature is that you can save messages to go along with the images for a truly unique yet simple way to express yourself. The picture viewer can be connected to a PC via USB to change its contents for more multimedia freedom. You can conveniently charge the device as well. The thin (12.0cm x 9.0cm x 2.0cm) and lightweight (0.1 kg) i Wallet can be further viewed here.

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