i-Buddy 2009 – My Buddy, Your Buddy

i-BuddyWhat happens when you mix together a 16th century gargoyle, a RoboSapien biomorphic robot and MSN in a blender? The result would definitely be bits and scraps of stones and plastics but an adorable technological marvel of a buddy – complete with pure hi-tech chibi cuteness. That would be the new i-Buddy 2009 animated computer robots. These charming miniature robots interact with the various supported applications in your computer and notify you with what is happening thru mechanical movements and light effects. They can move their wings, twist their body and change the color of their lights to respond to different softwares depending on how you customize them.
The i-Buddy was initially made and designed to be used in tandem with MSN but the new models expanded their features making them compatible with other applications. Also, these new models create more fun in using MSN by reacting to all the emoticons and different contacts. These little buggers can even dance to catch up with the beat and tune of your Windows Media Player. The i-Buddy is pretty much a fun visual alert for your computer as it can notify you of new emails, download completion, mouse movement and time via the alarm function.

The i-Buddy is a fairly easy to use gadget with its customizable GUI. It can be further personalized by downloading applications like weather and sport alerts that will notify you of what is happening by changing the device’s color.

Follow this link to grab your very own i-Buddy.

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