Husqvarna Panthera Leo Concept – Lawn Mowing Can’t Get Any Better Than This

If the Terminator was sent from the future to destroy John Connor and cut down the rebellion, the Husqvarna Panthera Leo Concept Electric Lawn Mower is future sent to cut down rebellious grass overgrowths. It’s one lean green mowing machine that will show your lawn who’s their daddy – and be quiet and environment friendly while at it. The concept mower is based from the two ride-on mowers, Husqvarna’s Rider and Zero-Turn, and is powered by five brushless electrical engines. Rechargeable Lithium-phosphate battery powers those engines and requires an overnight charging for a 2-hour cutting time.

Husqvarna Electric Lawnmower

Panthera Leo’s three individually suspended cutting decks outfitted with incredibly sharp blades can move smoothly over bumpy terrain and has an adjustable cutting width of 85-120cm. This futuristic lawn mower is also about comfort and ease of operation. Thanks to its zero-turn functionality, lifting cutting deck, ergonomic steering wheel and easy to use dashboard.

The greatest feature of the Panthera Leo is perhaps its LCD console which displays mowers speed, cutting height, width of cutting deck, remaining power and other important information and alerts. It can even recommend appropriate speed and cutting height. It is like having a gardening wingman. To ease the guilt of the environmental impact of mowing and maintaining your lawn, it’s good to know that this futuristic lawn mower is made from recycled materials, runs on electricity and is absolutely emission free.

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