HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition Netbook

HP Mini 1000 Mi

It seems that the current trend is ultra portable computing as what a lot of manufacturers been showing by making their own netbooks or notebooks that are made with lower specs to make them small and inexpensive.

HP is about to release another netbook in the market with their new Mini 1000 Mi(Mobile Internet) Edition in addition to the current line.

Specs aren’t out yet and are to be revealed during the CES 2009 this January 8-11. But a few things are already indicated such as the price which is $379.99, a keyboard that is 92% of the normal, a web cam, a Linux dashboard-style interface, some software enhancements to make your multimedia lifestyle better and the option to configure it for SSD (Solid State Drive) use.

With this, HP currently have three netbooks – HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition, HP Mini 1000 XP, and HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition.

Still, HP has some new full blown laptops such as the HP Pavilion dv3z, HP Pavilion dv6t, and the HP Pavilion G70

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